Friday blessing

An invitation for a Gideon member to share something about the Gideon work with some school children resulted in several blessings as you can read below.

Back in September you forwarded an email to our branch from a local primary school, requesting a talk about our work to be given to a class of Year two pupils. As a recently retired primary school teacher I was happy to volunteer. The children had been learning about the Bible as part of their RE topic. I talked briefly to the children about what the Gideons do, locally and internationally, and showed them some pictures (from the Gideons website) of presentations being made. They had a good look at the Bibles and their teacher and two other teaching assistants gladly received Personal Worker Testaments. There was a time for the children to ask questions which included the highly insightful “Is it true that Jesus can change a person’s life?” – highlighting that wonderful childlike faith (Luke 18:17).  The teacher asked the children if they would like to do some fundraising to enable us to buy more Scriptures to distribute.

I have received an email today telling me that the children have raised an amazing £198.50 by doing a sponsored run in the playground. I have given the teacher the National Office address and you should hopefully receive a cheque shortly.


2 thoughts on “Friday blessing

  1. Ian Jackson

    My word will not return on to me void. Comes to mind. What a real message they recieved to get them thinking about such an ambitious plan.

    So often we limit our God, but children don’t know about limits.



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