Further Update – Urgent Call For Prayer

Thank you very much to all who have been praying into this situation and to those who have helped share the call for prayer around the world.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…” 2 Chronicles 7:14

We want to share with you the response received from Hilton following an email sent to them on Friday requesting clarification as to their policy regarding Gideon Bibles. Hilton’s response was received on Friday evening so it has been encouraging to see how promptly Hilton have dealt with this matter.

We won’t quote the entire email received from Hilton but here are some very important and significant extracts:

I have taken extra time to review your letter and my reply on this subject.

Besides that I stated that we are driving to the reduction of printed material in our guestrooms, we (Hilton Brand or Hilton Worldwide) have not issued a specific instruction to remove any Gideon bibles from our guest rooms. At the same time, we are supporting the management of our environmental footprint better, in line with our environmental policy.

Reference on: “the decision of what is placed in the rooms are solely up to the brand management team of that location”…besides that we are mindful of our management on the environmental footprint – each hotel and its management can decide how to execute on this approach. This also includes placement of printed materials like the Gideon bible in a guest room which is at the individual property’s discretion.

Our team members in the hotel do work very hard to serve a range of requests from our guests – either pre-arrival and/or during their stay – if there is a request for a bible, I have not heard that this request was not served. If so – we can work on this.

As stated in previous Blogs, we must continue to promote the ‘Help keep a Gideon Bible in hotel rooms’ campaign:

Hotel Banner

“With God we shall gain the victory.” Psalm 60:12

Just as we took time to pray let us also take time to give thanks to the Lord for HIS unfailing love and faithfulness. As you read this please pause and give thanks to the Lord…and keep praying that all hotels will be open to receiving Gideon Bibles.


3 thoughts on “Further Update – Urgent Call For Prayer

  1. Sheila Clement

    Thank you for the update. For a while I have wondered whether we should be considering “just” placing the pwt type of New Testament in these places rather than the entire Bible. Some hotels have stated they do not have a shelf/space for the Bible. A small New Testament could look nice, be environmentally friendly (if that is the excuse) and only take up a little space (if that is the excuse) and at least it would keep God’s Word in prominence in hotels and guest houses.

    I did pray for an hour (on my own) on Friday – it was hard getting going but felt great at the end of it. I must do it more often.

    God bless Sheila


  2. flatroofer

    A very ambiguous reply from Hilton. Just keep praying folks, pray that somewhere in the Hilton empire there are Christians with influence in this matter.


  3. Only God knows what motivates hotel management locally, nationally and internationally. Prayer for those who offer hospitality to all is needed. Innkeepers everywhere need Jesus j- ust as much as their guests.


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