Doncaster Rovers Football Club


November 2016 saw eight members from the Doncaster Branch of The Gideons present 300 Badged Testaments and 2 Badged Presentation Bibles to Doncaster Rovers Football Club (DRFC).

It all started in May when local member Chris Axelby was invited to a Bishop’s Breakfast. Here, Chris sat down with a stranger to enjoy breakfast and some local company. The first person Chris spoke to unknowingly was the Doncaster Rovers Support Services Manager. He was shocked to be sat next to a Gideon, especially as he had recently spoken with the Chaplain to DRFC about Bibles for staff and players. He and Chris were amazed that they should be sat together that day!

The result? On Thursday 17 November, Chris and 7 other Gideons met the Chief Executive of DRFC and the Chief Operating Officer. They presented them with 2 special DRFC Badged Presentation Bibles. In reply the CEO, Gavin Baldwin, invited all the Doncaster Gideons to attend a home match with him, including refreshments! The Doncaster members then had the opportunity to present Badged Testaments to some of the players, staff, groundsmen and chefs.


Everyone from the CEO to the apprentice groundsman were thrilled to accept a copy of God’s Word with their own club badge in gold on the front and they readily started diving into the “Where to find help when…” section.

So it all started with a “chance” meeting but so far God has made available to the people of Doncaster another 302 copies of His life saving Word.


One thought on “Doncaster Rovers Football Club

  1. Eddie Ward

    Bitter sweet here for me, Doncaster beat my team Hereford 3-1.I wus there! Never mind,I forgive them!. Trust the testaments will be a Blessing to the players and staff.


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