Easter Blessing


Hi folks,

I’ve been going through a black time in recent months. I was staying in a hotel in London last week and I hope you don’t mind but I took your very special book home with me.

Wow. After the first 12 pages I can now see the sunshine and smell the fresh spring flowers. Thank you so much for opening my crying eyes. Please forward details of where I can make a donation.

Once again thank you,


God is at work in this world. Share the Good News this Easter.

During the Easter period, around 25,000 New Testaments & Psalms will be handed to members of the public at Easter events around the country by Gideon members. Inside the New Testament is a special Easter bookmark pointing people to the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Please pray for many opportunities for Gideon members to witness this Easter. Pray that people will read the Good News and, like Michael, their eyes will be opened to what Jesus has done for them through His ultimate sacrifice on the cross and that they will put their faith in Him.

We thank you all for your support and we wish you a very blessed Easter.




2 thoughts on “Easter Blessing

  1. gandj

    Dear Gideons, An encouraging Email!  Godfrey thought he had changed our email address but perhaps it’s not reached the blog sender. It is as above    gandj@kollmail.co.uk       The other email address is open for a short while to check senders. Looking forward to the National Convention. Yours in His service, Janet and Godfrey Koll.  

    Sent from Samsung tablet.


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