Friday Blessing

I was doing a Gideon presentation at Cherith Christian Fellowship in Wycombe last week and there was a man in his 30s loitering about outside before the service. He was looking at the notice board then wandered off before coming back to the board. He was approached by one of the elders to try and help. The man said he doesn’t go to church and had not been in one since childhood but he asked, “what’s it about today anyway?” When he was told that it was a talk about The Gideons, he replied that he had heard of them and so would come in to the service.

He sat there very attentive all throughout the service and afterwards he spoke at length to the elder who had invited him in. He was then pointed in my direction and, after quite a chat, he prayed with me and gave his heart to the Lord! Praise God! I thought you would be encouraged and blessed by that – I certainly was!

Every blessing

Andrew, Member of the Bucks South Branch of The Gideons


3 thoughts on “Friday Blessing

  1. Ian Buick

    Good to hear that Cherith is alive and well. Many years ago my late wife and I used to entertain an elderly gentleman from Maindenhead, I think it was, when he was paying his weekly visit to his daughter who was permanently in Hanwell hospital. I always remember his comment in his broad Buckingham accent – Cherith a strange name for the fellowship because the brook dried up! I am pleased to hear that his doubts were not realised.


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