Friday Blessing

Dear Gideons,

I have recently been in the Royal United Hospital, Bath, with a very serious illness (a cancer growth in my spine and lung). This was a terrible shock as it came on very suddenly and as you can imagine I was devastated.

I just wanted to tell you what a comfort it was to find your little Bible in my bedside cabinet, I don’t know what I would have done without it – the ‘Where To Find Help’ in the front of the Bible is amazing and gave me so much hope. I also thought it was lovely to receive visits from The Gideons in Bath – such nice people and so helpful to be able to pray with them.

The good news I can give you is that the emergency radiotherapy and drugs they have given me have worked wonders and I am now home as the CAT scan showed that the cancer has disappeared. The consultants exact words were that the scan showed no cancer as before and that they are so pleased with me but it is a complete mystery to them how this could happen so quickly.

I have no doubt the medical things helped but I know that the prayers from all my friends and especially the Bath Gideons have been the main reason for my recovery.

I cannot thank you enough and hope you will keep up such good work in the hospitals.

God bless you



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