Friday Blessing

My name is Pamela and I want to share my gratitude for the small red Bible I received from Irvine Royal Academy.

I received my Bible from yourselves when I was 12, in my first year at secondary school around 20 years ago. I wrote my name in it and kept it by my bed, occasionally picking it up but never really knowing where to start. I had been raised a Christian and always had my faith but as I reached the age of becoming an adult, work, college and social life sadly got in the way.

In 2015 I had my third baby. This was to me a special gift as my husband and I hadn’t planned a third so our plans were stopped or redirected. I felt very lost in myself.

Through this time I was directed back to thinking about my family and their faith in God. I started praying and very much wanted to start reading the Bible to learn more about the faith I had been brought up with but wasn’t sure where any of my Bibles were.

One day during a clear out, I found the small red Bible I was given at school. I couldn’t believe it had made it through two house moves. That day I opened it and read the introduction then started with the 30 day readings. From that day I have read it every morning and sometimes more when I feel I need that extra time with God. It has answered many of my questions and has helped make things clear to me from the last 17 years.

The answers truly are in God’s Word.

Thank you for that gift to a small, quiet 12 year old who never knew until her 30s exactly the power that was put into her hands.



3 thoughts on “Friday Blessing

  1. Adebayo Oladapo

    What a faithful God; His word will not return to Him void, no one who reads and believes the Word will remain the same. That’s why the Gideons will not stop spreading the Word until He returns

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