Urgent Call For Prayer

Your prayers are urgently needed

Help Keep a Gideon Bible in Hotel Rooms

Hilton Hotels

It has been brought to our attention over recent weeks/months that Hilton Worldwide have begun to remove Gideon placed Bibles from all of their hotel bedrooms. The CEO of Hilton Worldwide was written to last month and has responded to confirm that Hilton Worldwide have removed all Gideon Bibles.

As we well know from many testimonies received, the Lord has used Gideon placed Bibles in hotel bedrooms to prevent suicides, save marriages and provide hope, comfort and salvation to many desperate and needy souls over the years.

The verse in the Gideon National Daily Prayer Diary yesterday (Day 10) tells us “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray…” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Therefore, National President, Fred Kershaw, is calling for as many who are able to set time aside to pray between 12 noon and 1.00pm on Friday 18 March. Those who are able and feel so led are asked to consider fasting their lunch on that day. This is an urgent situation and we must pray. The verse from the Daily Prayer Diary today (Day 11) reminds us “Apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5.

As one Branch reported after visiting one hotel…“One of our Branch brothers visited the hotel and gave 170 Bibles to the manager. She was delighted to accept the Bibles because one of their guests had committed suicide in his hotel room last weekend!”

Let us do all we can to stir God’s people to urgent prayer, specifically on Friday 18 March between 12 noon and 1.00pm. The souls of the lost are at stake and we must be urgent. 

Spanish Revival

Please share this Blog with as many people as possible and ask others to do the same. On your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, in your churches and church newsletters, among your family and friends and urge people to pray for this situation. Let us pray for wisdom in how to respond to Hilton, pray that there will be a change of heart at Hilton and, above all, that God will receive all the glory in this matter.

Finally, let us be encouraged as we read the verse in the Daily Prayer Diary for tomorrow (Day 12) “With God we shall gain the victory.” Psalm 60:12.


The Lord can do amazing things with just one Bible in a hotel room. Read the story of how one Gideon placed Bible sparked revival in Spain here.

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22 thoughts on “Urgent Call For Prayer

  1. Jenny Morrell

    A Gideon Bible in your rooms nay be the one opportunity God can use to reach a precious soul that would be saved from an eternal Hell. Please don’t remove that opportunity to save a life!


  2. Larissa Oliver

    Please keep the bibles in the rooms. This maybe the only way some will get God’s word. If they don’t want to read it they don’t have to. This is no cost to you or your corporation.


  3. carolyn bowen

    We have a constutional right to God’s word. These Bibles cost you nothing so we the people insist you keep them in your rooms.


  4. Mona

    Please don’t remove the bibles from the rooms. If someone is offended by a bible they don’t have to take it out if the drawer and read it. There are a lot of people whose lives have been changed by having a bible to read. A bible in a drawer cannot hurt anyone.


  5. Marilyn Carr

    I asked for people to purchase Gideon Bibles in memory of my husband so they could be placed where they would be serve a purpose instead of sending flowers to be thrown in the trash the next week please do not dispose of the bibles you never know when someone may really need to just pick it up and read out of it


  6. Themy Barrett

    Please leave the bibles in the drawer in the hotel room, an individual has the choice whether to read it or not. The bibles are invaluable in that they can prove life saving both physically and spiritually and in the past have prevented suicides, marriage break-ups, etc… Withdrawing God’s Word also takes away people’s choice to discover God and determine their eternal destiny.


  7. Chad

    I am a General Manager at a Hampton Inn. As of 3/16/16 There has been no directive by Hilton Worldwide telling us to remove bibles. The Gideon’s are still listed as our preferred vendor to get bibles. For the record, I would not follow any such directive, nor would the majority of other hotels under the Hilton umbrella.


  8. Susan Cook

    Please do not remove these Bible’s. Your always looking for ways to have return guest and have your guest to conformable. This is one way to help the traveling public with who you have no idea what they may be going through.
    It certainly is one way to ensure I will return to your hotel chain. It’s that where it begins one person always enjoying your hotel who will tell another.



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  10. Pat Branham

    My husband and I stayed 3 weeks ago in one of your hotels. The only Bible there was ours. I would like to share about our stay there with others, but just like the Bible missing from our room, there is no reason to share our experience there with others. Help us to continue doing business with you by taking care of business. Please place the Bible back where it belongs.


  11. Chad

    Pat, I have bibles in all my hotel rooms. I’m not sure why the room you stayed in at that hotel did not. As of today it is mandatory that we have them in our rooms. As I said, there has been no directive from Hilton Worldwide telling us to remove bibles.


  12. Chelsea Elise

    I am employed by a hotel in the Hilton brand family, and I can confirm that not only is this not true, but that it is still a recommended part of the Hilton brand standards that hotels furnish one. While I’m sure there are some hotels that have made individual decisions to furnish them, the majority in the US still retain them.

    Further, it’s required to give hotels advance notice of any such removals or alterations to brand standards, usually at least 90 days in advance. . No such notice has been received as of this writing. (3/17/16).

    Further, quite a few franchisees in the Hilton family of hotels would likely STRONGLY object to having those bibles removed. Including ours. There genuinely isn’t a controversy here, respectfully


  13. This makes me sad. My mother and family and friends have been a part of starting and making Hilton (merged with Promus Hotels before and before that it was with Holiday Inns) for about 30 plus years. They were always happy about the fact that they had the Gideon bibles in heir hotels; from upper corporate management and down to the operations management in the hotels. i really think they should keep them in there.

    However, what are they doing with them I wonder?! I have a nonprofit that hopes to reach the nations for Jesus by first just loving the people. We serve local disadvantaged refugees. I’d love to have about 300-500 of these bibles- I hope hey are not throwing them away. (www.ashasrefuge.org). Please contact me someone if you know how I could get hold of them!! 💕 Jamie@ashasrefuge.org


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